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Data Governance Analyst

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Data Governance Analyst

Job Code : BSA-18-0100

Positions : 1

Job Type : Full Time

Location : Santa Clara, California, USA

Key Skills :

4 years ago

Job Description:

Roles & Responsibilities:
  • Define and record all DQ (Data Quality) business rules and valid values that apply to critical data across the bank that data steward is accountable for CECL project
  • Develop and enforce methods and validation mechanisms for ensuring data quality and accuracy through the defined data warehouse solution by effectively communicating business requirements to technology teams
  • Validate functional workflow, business rules, and formulae through data profiling using SQL (Structured Query Language) queries and documenting results in Data Lineage documents. This also includes understanding business logic and functional equivalence while enhancing the existing business requirement
  • Consults with and guides business owners to document, implement and maintain the metadata and business rules for the bank's data, as per established data governance policies so to decrease the re-work in gathered requirement
  • Use business analysis tools such as Business Process Modeling, SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threat) and GAP Analysis to find the issues with the existing process
  • Communicate and guide technology teams through data mapping documents in implementing the solutions identified in meetings. Data mapping documents will be utilized by technology teams in achieving the desired business goals through software development
  • Work with Project Managers and Program Management in identifying each and every milestones to be achieved for the steering committee after correctly identifying project dependencies on other teams in adherence with PMBOK – Project Management Body of Knowledge – guidelines. Communicate progress of the project and product release roadmap steering committee meeting so as to meet the CECL requirement
  • Analyzes the data within the bank, identify issues and makes recommendations to ensure adherence to consistent definitions, business naming standards, development of standard calculations, security requirements
  • Identify any issues or anomalies in the quality of data within the bank's systems and work with business owners to get the anomalies fixed per bank’s established Data Governance policies which would help in cleaning of junk data within the bank’s records
  • Define all metadata including “valid values” for data, take steps to define and resolve issues concerning KDE’s. This metadata definitions of KDE’s would help business owners to understand the purpose of each KDE used across the company
  • Proactive DQ and monitors ongoing quality of data assets within each SOR
  • Implement plan to review for exceptions and changes of quality to business teams across the board to keep the business users and technology teams up to date with project progress   
Minimum Requirement: Bachelors degree in the field related to Business Administration with major in finance or closely related field.

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