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We at BSASPEC are committed to developing Products and Solutions which will stream-line Recruitment, Marketing& Talent Management processes thereby solving the problems faced by various Mid-size and small Professional Consulting Services firms across the globe. Partly as a professional services firm we face problems which include recruiting the talented resources, managing of the day-to-day activities like gathering time-sheets for client-billing purposes and managing pay-roll services which support the seamless functioning ofConsultants working at our client locations. These activities involve manual effort over excel sheets which leads to high possibility of human errors, thereby resulting in high operational costs. This is a problem lot of Technology Professional services companies face and developing an internal system to stream-line Recruiting, Marketing and Resource management process is high-cost initiative for any mid-size firm.

We at BSASPEC have developed a cloud-based product which will streamline the entire resource-life cycle at your firm. Our flagship product TEKRouters is a one-stop solution to all process-oriented issues your Professional services firm is currently encountering daily.

Our product lines include
  • Marketing and Sales Workbench- Streamlines Marketing processes through user dashboards for the marketing team to match the Client needs with the resource skill matrix, tracks the entire hiring process of the consultant across various stages and other sales processes.
  • Recruitment work bench –This product line will aid in the process of identifying the right talent to recruiting the identified resource into your firm.
  • Employee work-bench – This product line will aid your resource management process involving time-sheet processing, billing and pay-roll management services.

We provide tailored services based on your needs. We provide our platform as a service where you can choose the individual product line or register for the all the services our product provides. In addition to our flagship product TEKRouters, Our Product team is continually working on developing various new product-lines to best serve our customers and solve the problems in the recruitment process.

For more information on our products, Please reach out to We are looking forward to begin our journey with you.