Consulting Services

Our Consulting services focuses at empowering businesses by helping them realize maximized value from all business initiatives. We at BSASPEC leverage business knowledge, process excellence, technology expertise and substantial domain experience in chosen industry verticals to give you the best in class service with its double booster approach of both Agility & Alignment wherein we add value to our services by:-

  • Bringing in the New
  • Business edge that can be provided to businesses, doing things that were unthinkable before
  • Optimizing the Existing
  • Reenergizing & empowering your business by reducing support Cost using Automation and Sourcing Models as well as helping you choose investment opportunities for Modernization, also helping you choose businesses that should retire as they have now become a liability or are obsolete.

Our present day experience in diverse industries helps us to give our clients a 360 degree panoramic view of the business challenges and solutions that are available. We believe in delivering substantial tangible & incremental benefits to our clients that's why our recommendations provide instant and long-term benefits.

Our frameworks and execution strategies are an integral part of our methodology which helps us to deliver consulting services with efficiency and consistency. We provide consulting services in the areas of

Business & Data Analytics: We apply proven methodologies to help customers gain original insights from their enterprise data. With predictive modeling, machine learning, Analytics as a Service, data lake creation, and other data science methods, our clients derive actionable intelligence in threat assessment, system performance, churn prediction, customer behavior, and other metrics that drive decisions in government and business.

Enterprise IT Consulting:Selecting the most appropriate enterprise application suite for your purposes is only winning half the battle. Equally important is the expertise and experience required to put in place the most effective implementation strategy to ensure your applications integrate seamlessly into your existing IT environment, embrace new models, and provide immediate functionality. Application investments by nature only start yielding returns over a period of time

BSASPEC’s Application Development, Modernization, Data Management and Implementation Services assist clients in strategically prioritizing and delivering modernization initiatives that:

  • Protect existing investments in enterprise applications
  • Preserve embedded intellectual assets
  • Make their business operations more agile, secure, and efficient – while lowering overall costs
  • Embrace agile development processes and benefits