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Transportation Ba

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Transportation Ba

Job Code : BSA-18-0046

Positions : 1

Job Type : Full Time

Location : Ohio, USA

Key Skills :

4 years ago

Job Description:

-This is a project work not a support role. This demanding project has already started and we require someone with agility and flexibility with a high threshold to stress.


The high-level expectation from the contractors:

 -Collection and documentation of requirements /testing/coordination of tests, and report the status of their work to their direct manager

 -We expect a weekly one to one and other meetings on request to ensure we maintain a good level of communication and address any gap.

 -Business Analyst experience with transportation focus.

  • Willingness to complete clerical duties (meeting invitations, minutes of meetings and other duties on request)
  • Willingness to advise of travel arrangements in advance to ensure good communication with manager.
  • Have a good technique to know to ask the right questions to capture the right level of requirements and validate with the project’s core team.

-Self driven and excellent communication skills –

  • know how to communicate their learning style and have the right level of courage and know how to ask the right questions to ensure they will continue to deliver up to the expectation
  • Ability to work with other team members to ensure the of the requirement




-High communication skills to ensure they address any obstacles before any issue is created

-Collect and document business process requirements using Goodyear format/template or approved template – guidance  will be provided from Goodyear team

-Help with admin work related to the project like document meeting min, decision made, business processes discussed related to the project

-Translate the requirements to functional specs, if needed, and work with our off-shore development team to create programs/ interfaces that are needed for this project 

-Create test scripts and work with other team to ensure the proper testing and/or execute the tests

- This is not a system configuration or development role.


These responsibilities will take place either sequentially or in parallel depends on the phase of the project.

This responsibility doesn’t have any configuration or design assignment


Extra Knowledge required: 

1-HP quality test

2-Any Transportation solution, Oracle transportation is preferred 

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