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Business Analyst

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Business Analyst

Job Code : BSA-18-0074

Positions : 1

Job Type : Full Time

Location : New York, USA

Key Skills :

5 years ago

Job Description:

As part of revamping their core line-of-business information processing system, New York City based client had developed a number ‘TO-BE’ business processes. However, at the end of the system implementation project, due to a multitude of factors, the end-processes (and the implementation in the ICT system) varies from the originally conceived desired state.

Furthermore, the system design documents (SDD) may also be out-of-sync with the current production ICT system. The objective of this engagement is to:

·         Review the business process management and governance framework established at the on-set of the information systems implementation project

·         Capture the actual (on-ground) business process (capture AS-IS)

·         Identify variation from the SDD.

·         Perform variance analysis (difference between the desired TO-BE state and the implemented AS-IS state)

·         Work with the client on optimization plan to change and achieve the TO-BE state.


Expected Deliverables

·         Updated Business Processes Management Framework

·         Current/Updated Process maps

·         Variance analysis


Functional Knowledge and Skills Essential:

·         Financial Business Process Analysis: Proven experience of working in the financial business sector – investment and/or pension fund management.

·         Business Process Analysis Tools: using different tools used for business process modelling such as UML or BPMN.

·         Best Practices: Knowledge of governance, quality and security standards.



·         Security: Knowledge of data and information security; especially security in software architecture and development.

·         Software Architecture Principles/Patterns: Understanding of different software design principles and patterns.

·         Familiarity with any modern programming languages

·         Data modelling and Database Management systems


Experience Essential:

·         Seven years or more of progressing experience in business process analysis with at least 3 years in the line of business (financial investment and/or pension fund management).

·         Recent and proven experience in business analysis and process documentation; covering the functional knowledge and skills described above.

·         Team building and managing cross-functional teams.



·         Experience in software development; specifically on Java based stack.

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